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Our Company

Our Mission

Sound financial plans allow you to embrace the unexpected and face the future with a sense of confidence. With that self-assurance, you can pursue your most valued goals while optimizing the enjoyment of your life. Whether you’re a millennial who recently entered the workforce or a business veteran preparing to retire, you deserve to know that tomorrow is secure.

At Brumbaugh Wealth Management, we dedicate our over 50 years of collective experience to helping clients take charge of their financial situation. Our fully-independent firm was founded to return the world of financial planning back where it belongs: to you. We are inspired by your values, motivated by your goals and driven to provide lasting solutions. Affirmed by the unrivaled support of Cetera Advisors Networks, we adhere to their philosophy of "service first, last and alwaystm” with our world-class financial strategies and leadership.

Why We’re Different

Advise. Plan. Advocate. These are the founding tenets of our firm, and we believe our clients deserve strategies tailored to their unique situation. Through understanding the full picture of your financial life, we develop a comprehensive vision that encompasses your short and long-term objectives. To ensure the total integration of your plan, we’ll coordinate with other members of your financial team, such as CPAs, attorneys, and estate professionals, to promote your financial well-being.

While applying the personalized attention only a boutique firm can provide, we have access to the best investment and insurance products from the world’s leading institutions. Though we constantly adapt to our rapidly-changing industry, we separate ourselves from other firms by adhering to our disciplined and time-honored process. We are problem solvers, strategists and devoted advocates of your continued success.

Problem Solvers

Finances are complex. By identifying hidden issues and gaps in your portfolio, our advisors can recommend solutions designed to strengthen your financial situation. We also coordinate our efforts with any other advisors you might have to enhance our strategic partnership as we create a single, comprehensive financial plan.


Financial products come and go, but customized solutions will stay the course. As a strategy-driven firm, we create comprehensive and flexible financial solutions that help meet the needs of today while laying the foundation for tomorrow. We believe your goals, business commitments, and family situation deserve unique solutions that are customized to you and adaptable to change. When your life evolves, so should your strategies.

Your Advocates

Anyone can hand you a plan and then walk away, but that’s not how we do business. We value relationships and strive to truly know our clients and their families. While we are heavily invested in your financial health, our focus extends far beyond your portfolio. We pursue a deeper sense of understanding so that we can provide unparalleled service and responsiveness to your needs. More than financial advisors, we are your advocates and remain committed to guiding, supporting and assisting you through all stages of life.