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The core of successful investing starts with an appropriate balance between investment returns and investment risk. Our team of specialists designs strategies that help you find the right balance and navigate periods of uncertainty. Whether you encounter financial obstacles or salary fluctuations, changing family dynamics or business upheavals, our investment plans are customized to your needs and flexible to change. By maintaining an emphasis on tax efficiency, we endeavor to help maximize your investment opportunities.

Our coordinated and experienced advisors work closely with you to analyze your situation, set fixed goals, help protect your income and create a strategy that helps you pursue your objectives. Brumbaugh Wealth Management is distinguished by the following features:

Advanced Technology

Through our state of the art modeling and allocation tools, we can recommend investments and/or investment managers to implement your personal financial solution.

Proactive Risk Management

By taking a proactive approach to your plan, our knowledgeable advisors can help you assess your risk tolerance level so that your portfolio can be aligned with your goals and investor personality.

Total Independence

As a non-captive firm, we have access to a broad array of solutions and resources. We act with your best interests in mind and provide strategies tailored to your unique situation.

Advisory services may only be offered by Investment Adviser Representatives in connection with an appropriate Cetera Advisor Networks LLC Advisory Services Agreement and disclosure brochure as provided.

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