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Corporate Benefit Strategies

Providing executive and employee benefits is a major aspect of running a successful business. Such benefits not only attract and retain top talent but also impact your short and long-term financial objectives as a business owner. Through fully understanding the needs of your firm, we will work with you to implement custom benefit programs, retirement plans and wealth accumulation options for your executives and employees.

We partner with third-party providers and professionals to offer:

  • Bonus plans
  • Phantom stock plans
  • Profit sharing
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation plans
  • 401(k) plans and other leading employer plans
  • Pension plans
  • Equity and synthetic equity compensation
  • Group insurance plans (health, disability, life, long-term care, etc.)
  • Business overhead insurance

We can Help you and your Employees

As your financial advocate, we will strategize and coordinate all the benefit programs and services your business requires, helping to protect your assets and helping to increase the value of your company.

We Can Help